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Artist, Writer & Maker of Many Things
Gudjula & Girramay Woman

Describing oneself is not always the easiest thing to do. Which box do we fit into best? I want to say that I am an artist, a writer, a maker of many things, but I am also, a mother, a carer, an Aboriginal woman, a neurodiverse person, a survivor of DV, CA, SA and complex trauma. I am an animal lover, a nature lover, someone that loves to run, play, hike, dance, sing to myself and help others. All of these things describe me, are me and make me who I am.  They are important parts of my creative journey and what I put into my art and writing. I am no one single thing, I am many things and those many things make up me, my story, my journey, my art.  I've been creating for as long as I can remember. From scribbling portraits of old people at a very young age, to sketching the landscapes of our rugged outback, I love to create.

My people and culture are Gudjal and Girramay, from far North Queensland, where the ocean meets the rain forest and the rivers meet the dry red dirt of the Australian outback. The bush was my childhood playground and it was and is the core of my creative being. It's beauty, magnificence, harshness, cruelty, and ability to give so much is boundless. Country and culture shape my art and writing.

I pursue my creative practice from my little backyard shed in regional South Australia. From here I experiment with painting, illustrating, digital media, weaving, embroidery, crochet, creative writing, and much much more. The imagination knows no limits.

At my side is often 1 very barky companion: my fat dog (who was once an overweight chihuahua - we are working on his weight and yes, he has been spoiled a little too much - my bad).  On occasion, I am visited by my  wonderful son, and his very posy long-haired chihuahua Rocky. They are quickly ushered out of my space by my fat dog (who sees me as his 'hooman').

I've lived a life of many journeys taken across our beautiful planet to far away and nearby places. I have explored the outer reaches of vast desert landscapes, swum in the oceans of the Great Barrier Reef and walked on the warm sands of the Top End. I have bathed in the crystal clear waters of my ancestors rainforests and run through the scrubs of bushlands in the north, south, east and centre of this vast country called Australia. I have lived abroad and absorbed the culture, customs, traditions, languages and stories of my son's homelands in South America. From all of this, I draw inspiration to create and share stories of the past, present, and future.

My life is a deep ocean of inspiration and imagination. 

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