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As the great day gloss sets over dust filled meadows, the sky is lathered in exquisite luminescent colours. The great Mìm gloss never...

After the rain 3

Her dress soaked revealing the girl that hides behind Body trembling cold chills surging along naked spine Thunder rumbles, lightning...

After the rain 2

Night turns to grey, after the rain. A murky mist slithers across muddy waters. A lost soul wonders through untamed bushes. Into the day...

After the rain 1

Trolling the metaverse of untethered consciousness Thoughts subside into collective data I'm a microcosm on a linear connection between...

Behind the mask

A poem about masking, the autistic female experience.

My Frida shirt

My Frida shirt is a much loved item of clothing, but also symbolic of my creative journey.

Thoughts of today

Thoughts on life and how to live each day well.


A poem about the loss of a daughter and a mother's grief.

Marshmallow Munchies

2 am marshmallow munchies. Wide awake fog filled fancies. Mind boggling with thoughts of the day. Brain matter madness used to be grey....

Lady in Black

A poem by Kat Bell about a lady in black that I often see.


A poem by Kat Bell. Pondering life.

Poetic Scribbles #3

CRICKETS A slow grinding hum, From nowhere they come. In darkness they play, To the tune of yesterday. The air carries thickets, With the...

Poetic Scribbles #2

Rains come Rushing waters, echoing thuds on corrugated roof tops. Rumbling thunder, lightning bangs, striking stark dry hill tops....


She stands at the end of time. She stands at the end of time, Melting moments of turmoil left behind. She is no longer their slave,...

Snippet #4 - A hot day

Drake and my journey continues, this time I've gotten myself in a spot of bother on a hot day.

To do or not to do.

I've been pondering my creative options for some time now. Of particular note is the idea of creating custom designed gift stationary...

A Creative Life

I sketched out a portrait of an elderly woman. It was the first of many portraits to come. I was 9. I'd found a book in the school...

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