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a.k.a The Scary Stuff

The when and where of my exposes into the world, where I am laid bear for all to see what is in my heart and soul. Exhibitions are scary, unpredictable and bloody hard work. The endless grind, the unknowing, the doubt, the tireless hours of work, prepping, creating, questioning, organising, communicating, promoting, and being totally vulnerable. But they also freeing, a point in time when my creations are brought to life in a space, outside my studio and lounge room table. They are a celebration of the work that has been done and the journey taken to get to that moment. They are a time to shine a light on the stories I wish to share, the experiences gathered, the topics unspoken and the things that matter to me. They are way of getting my art out into the world, so that they too can breathe and be seen by more than just me. They are a love/hate relationship. They give and they take, and in the end one hopes they are received with open arms, minds and a willingness to take a look at the world through a different lens.

Here is a snapshot of some of my exhibitions and the works that have been brave enough to be seen.

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June - July 2022



July Each Year



August 2020

ABHORENT2 copy.jpg


June - July 2014



When you don't want to go it alone.

Exhibitions: News
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