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by Kat Bell

I am an Australian Aboriginal contemporary artist (my people are Gudjula and Girramay).

I have travelled far and wide across these lands and beyond. I have explored the outer reaches of vast desert landscapes, swum in the oceans of the Great Barrier Reef and walked on the warm sands of the Top End. I have bathed in the crystal clear waters of my ancestors rainforests and run through the scrubs of bushlands in the north, south, east and centre of this vast country called Australia. I have lived abroad and absorbed the culture, customs, traditions, languages and stories of the Mayan and Condohausi peoples of my son's homelands in South America. From all of this, I draw inspiration to create and share stories of the past (both real and conjured).

My life is a deep ocean of inspiration and imagination. 

My art is inspired by the lands, waters and people of my country and the waters by which I live, the great Murray River. I also look to the lands of my son's ancestors far across the oceans to the garden province of Tucuman and stretching through the Patagonian mountain ranges and beyond.

What you will find when taking the journey through my website are  an array of colourful artworks (in many forms and media), my digital creations, and my little snippets of creative writings that are a strange, uncontained, unconnected, bevy of stories, poems and thoughts on the life of an artist. 

On this journey of life, with all its mysteries, wonders and magic, my experiences come to life through vibrant, colourful, thoughtful and evocative artworks and stories. 

You can read more about my journey and my art on my ABOUT ME page. 

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"We have a gorgeous painting by Kat in our family beach house and we love it!! I can highly recommend ❤️ "
RW, 2021

"Thought I'd send you a photo of my nieces wearing your necklaces at Christmas 🎄 lunch.They loved them & wore them immediately."Vanessa, 2021

"Recieved the earring and she is beautiful! Thank you!"Kylie T, 2020

"I’m so impressed with my necklace. It is a perfect way to honour and remember my dad. You have done an amazing job at making this beautiful kookaburra and the colours are just perfect as well. Without you knowing, blue was my father’s favourite colour and I feel like you have captured his soul in this piece. I can’t thank you enough." Janice, 2020

"Dear Kat, WOW!!! thank you so much!!! I just picked up the painting (paintings!!!) and unwrapped them and I am really speechless! I really can’t thank you enough for the extra artwork, it means a lot to know that my brother and I will both have the same piece. I love it, and it’s even more beautiful in person. I haven’t been able to stop looking at it since I unwrapped it! It’s very beautiful." Naomi, 2020


Thank you to Country Arts SA and SA Arts for supporting my creative endeavours through the Quick Response Grant 2020 and Covid Response Grants 2020.  Through their support I have been able to recreate this website and my brand.

                                                                                                           Kat Bell

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