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Getting out and about in the community

This is where I get out and about in the community, mingling, connecting, networking, workshopping, showcasing and putting myself and my work out into the big, bad, scary world. I love sharing my art. I love showing other how I go about creating my art. I love giving other tips and hints, so they too can get creative and I love being able to do creative things in different places.

Frida painting_Sept 2019.jpg


August 2022

It was nice to have some colour-filled fun, drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo to create a beautiful flowery piece of art.  This workshop was about learning to mix and blend colours on the canvas (or surface that you're working on) to get your desired affects. It was also about making mistakes and letting yourself be free to play with colour, without constraints of seeking perfection. To me, it is more important to enjoy the creative process, than it is to get a perfect piece at the end. Honestly, tackle your art with love and joy. That is what will shine through in the end result.


August 2022

It was such a pleasure to work on this amazing projection art spectacular "Constellations" that took place across SA throughout August 2022. I  contributing substantially to the Port Pirie and Barmera Projections. Both these little sci-fi animations were bright, colourful, fun, quirky and a great showcase of what can be done with a great team of artists, animators, writers, voice artists and more. I absolutely loved these creations and the way that my characters, props and backgrounds were brought to life to share the stories by Alysha Herrmann (Port Pirie) and Michael Mills (Barmera). These little animations were seriously my favourite projects to work on, to date.

Spa Rooms.png
Gift of Motherhood.png


SALA 2022

In 2022 I joined the wonderful artists of the Mallee to showcase a couple of my artworks on the Karoonda Silos. 
These pieces were in response to the theme of 2022's SALA event: Stop and Smell the Roses.  
My pieces were titled: "I am thankful for the gifts passed down from my ancestors", and "I am thankful for the gift of motherhood". I drew inspiration from previous works to recreate these pieces to show the things that are most important to me. My family and my role as a mother.



In 2021 the Berri Barmera Council commissioned me to work with community groups and individuals to give new life to 4 pianos that would be placed around the community for people to enjoy and play.  I worked with the Riverland Special School, Headspace Berri's HERO group and my son to paint and mosaic the pianos, showcasing different stories, themes and topics that were important to the individuals and groups involved in the project and to the community in which the pieces are now placed.  My favourite piece is the mosaic piece which my son designed and did a lot of the mosaic work. It sits outside the Berri Visitor Information Centre and is well used and loved. I love it mostly because it's my son's creation and it is beautiful.

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October 2022 Mental Health and Arts

In 2022 I was blessed to be selected to present an installation art was part of Festival of Now. My installation drew on my Threads exhibition and used pieces from this exhibition and various other works to showcase my experience of trauma and my healing journey.  I shared a marquee with the amazing Wonky Lines Counselling and we created a beautiful, colourful, inviting, safe space for all to enjoy.  Despite the cold and rain, the day turned out pretty nice and we had a lovely day getting to know lots of people, connect with new people and learn more about the healing journey together.  It was such a joy to spend time with Tamara from Wonky Lines.

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