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3 things that I like about me

Here's a really nice exercise to do; write a poem about 3 things you like about yourself.

I wrote mine today and it was a great way to foster positive thoughts. We often don't give ourselves enough praise or compliments. Many of us find it hard to recieve and accept compliments. I know that I don't do well at saying thankyou when receiving a compliment. Taking the time to think about things that I like about myself allowed me to look at:

- what makes me feel good,

- what makes me smile, and

- what are the things I like doing alot and why.

Anyway, here is my poem about 3 things I like about me.

Okay, I have this hair on the top of my lip, By golly, what joy to give it a lick, Day or night, I play with it often, Let's just say, I like twirling it like cotton, Now, Frida had her monobrow, Sure, it made her look swell, But for me, it's the quip, A quick flick of my hairy top lip, That poking sensation, Tongue fondling causation, Like an echidnas spike or a catfish bristle, Other folk are taunting my hairy lips' gristle. But there is another that I like as well, It's dark, luxious, pretty as hell, It curls in random directions, Taking no notice of my intentions, Frizzy when dry, Sometimes poking my eye, It's been shaved, its been slashed, Saturday night trashed, Twirling curls in fingers, Raspberry shampoo lingers, Even after It's chopped, And the hairdresser flopped, My curly dark hair continues to be, Just one of those things I like about me, But there is more to me than aesthetics, Those things are really just genetics, The thing that I like best, Is not my body, nose, or the hair on my chest, It's something much deeper, Internal views go steeper, It's the core of my being, Unspoken, unseeing, It's the depth of my person, A singular version, It's the centre of all that makes me me, My heart, my soul, my moonlight glee, Not to forget my inner glow, My kindness, my caring, the things I grow, My giving, my loving, my everything, My most valuable gift, no I can't sing, My internal intentions, all I can be, Everything that is the heart of me.

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