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After the rain 3

Her dress soaked revealing the girl that hides behind Body trembling cold chills surging along naked spine Thunder rumbles, lightning...

After the rain 2

Night turns to grey, after the rain. A murky mist slithers across muddy waters. A lost soul wonders through untamed bushes. Into the day...

After the rain 1

Trolling the metaverse of untethered consciousness Thoughts subside into collective data I'm a microcosm on a linear connection between...

Behind the mask

A poem about masking, the autistic female experience.

My Frida shirt

My Frida shirt is a much loved item of clothing, but also symbolic of my creative journey.


A poem about the loss of a daughter and a mother's grief.

Marshmallow Munchies

2 am marshmallow munchies. Wide awake fog filled fancies. Mind boggling with thoughts of the day. Brain matter madness used to be grey....


A poem by Kat Bell. Pondering life.

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