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Poetry on an autumn day.

Poetry and painting on a warm autumn day.

Leaves fall gently, golden skeletons painting the way.

Crinkling cushion underfoot.

Gardeners nails etched with soot.

There is a certain vibrancy, quiet, stillness, and chorus in the air.

Dancing wagtails play gayly without a care.

The gentle breeze picks up warm carresses.

River tempered long sunburnt dresses.

Pelicans shuffle on Lake Bonneys sand.

Cockatoos chatter a chaotic rant.

Magpies swoop brazenly overhead.

Lovers walk by the rivers edge.

Mothers chase children through well kept gardens.

Autumn whispers sweet nothings.

Lavender kisses.

Autumn time trisses.

Windchimes sing a lullaby.

Black swans fly up high.

Mozart on the radio.

Needle, thread, shawl to sew.

Coffee, cacti, monstero, autumn colours, sunshine and me,

Chihuahua companion, pen and paper, a poets dream.

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