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Marshmallow Munchies

2 am marshmallow munchies.

Wide awake fog filled fancies.

Mind boggling with thoughts of the day.

Brain matter madness used to be grey.

Shifting thoughts from here to there.

Others snore without a care.

Alas not me, for here I be.

Wide awake, as you can see.

Unravelling all those useless thoughts.

No sleep for thee the nightlight taunts.

Lying still pondering gasps of pure dispair.

Stress filled sighs, there drops another hair.

Eyelids heavy upon gritty pupils.

Tired tears fall without scruples.

Marshmallow munchies pathed in fraught intentions.

Too weak to stathe off their exquisite dimensions.

A moment of folly covered in white dust.

Left wide eyed and longing another, like lust.

3am ticks over no closer to sleep I lie.

Marshmallow munchies, kicking me inside.

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