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Crimson red dress

Crimson red dress

Lush bright ruby legs

Oo la la stockings that beg

Hem landing coyly

Vintage retro in style

Oo la la onlookers beguile

Cropped thigh to the side

Slinking demurely by

Oo la la eyes green defile

Plush purple lingerie

Long stretching fit

Oo la la silky side slit

Delicate stitches sewn carefully

Slipped over cuddlesome bodice

Oo la la voluptuously modest

Soft cotton pressed breast


Oo la la envy clad maidens protest

Wear it again, again and again

Nothing to do with the eye of them men

Oo la la crimson red dress

Lift heel to the curb

Check once and then twice

Oo la la cheeky underside

Blue high healed boots

A dress for the ages

Maybe I like it a little outrageous

A colour lust sunflower handband

Trimming curly top ode to Frida again

Oo la la what a wild dress

Strutting my stuff

This dress is enough

Oh la la crimson red dress

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