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She stands at the end of time.

She stands at the end of time,

Melting moments of turmoil left behind.

She is no longer their slave,

Taking charge of her captures enclave.

Her people & lands are now free,

Broken grasps, the white man's envy.

She looks to her elders for advice,

Past battles fought more than thrice.

Caught in a vicious cycle,

of trauma, dispair and reprisal.

She is without folly, blame or compromise,

This day shall not be her demise.

Time unravels the strands of dispair,

She picks up the parts of her life in repair.

She graciously moves at her own pace,

An unfallable love for all in her embrace.

All know her story of courage, tears, fury, caring and rage.

None shall befall her without showing respect in her place.

She stands at the end of time,

Looking back on a world left behind,

She knows all that it was to be enslaved and demeaned.

No longer shall she bow down to a conquerors decree.

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