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Snippet #2 - the night before Xmas

"Woohooo! Can you believe it mate?"


"It's the night before Christmas and we are free. Who woulda' thought, you and I free at last? Man this is crazy."

Drake's enthusiasm and excitement got missed on me somehow. I just couldn't get excited like him. I mean, really, it's just another day and we haven't travelled far enough away to really, truly feel free. The Inn Keepers henchmen could still be on our tails. I just don't feel that safe yet.

"Man, smell that? That is the smell of freedom and it is delicious."

"Yeah, I'll get excited when we are well across the sea and far, far away from Fells Point."

Drake danced around the boat's sail, a bottle of port in one hand and a sparkler flickering in the other.

"We will be dining on hot spuds and pig on a spit before you know it mate. A Christmas feast to be grateful for, that's for sure."

I could almost taste the hot spuds drenched in peppercorn gravy, and the flesh of the pig melting in my mouth. Mmmm heaven. My mouth is watering. I'm so hungry, but we won't reach land for a few more hours at least. There's nothing worse than talk of delicious food on an empty stomach. I'd been able to ignore my hunger pangs until now.

"Dammit Drake, you've got me thinking about food. I'm bloody starving. Grrrr. Shut the frig up man. And stop dancing around like a fool."

"Oh don't be a mysery guts. It's Christmas Eve and we are free mate. Cheer up. You will be well fed soon enough." Drake tosses the bottle on my lap.

"Get some of that into you. It'll keep those hunger pangs at bay til we get some real food in our tummies."

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