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Snippet #3 - The Bookmans Jar

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

"Frick'n hey." As the jar hit the floor it shattered into a million pieces. Shards of glass flew across the floor and a couple of them nipped my shin mid trajectory. I can't believe Drake shattered the one thing that could save us.

"Well we're royally frigged now." Drake exhaled.

The bookmans jar was worth a fortune. It was said to have been forged by a sorcerer as a gift for the Empress of Gatanburgh. The sorcerer had become smitten with the young Empress and in his efforts to capture her heart he crafted many beautiful gifts for her. The bookmans jar was the very last gift he crafted before the Empresses fatal passing after a long winter spent ailed by a strange illness. Some say the jar was cursed by the sorcerer. For if the Empress did not accept this one last gift as an offering of marriage, she would fall ill and pass into darkness, and noone else should have her heart.

Why the Inn-keeper wanted the jar is a mystery to us, but now it doesn't matter, as the jar is no more.

"Hells bells what are we going to do now?"

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